Martial Arts Training

Martial Arts Classes for Everyone

In 1970, very few people studied martial arts for fighting. The physical and spiritual benefits were paramount and any person who only cared about winning fights was thought to be missing the point entirely.

Fifty years later we feel differently, nearly the opposite is true. A martial art must prove its effectiveness in the ring or the street before anyone will look twice at it. Aggression is now an asset to be cultivated.

Both of these ideals are valid and sound but they are very, very different. Any martial art can find itself somewhere on this spectrum. This is seen in its origins, teachers, and intentions.

The two arts we offer here are from the far ends of this spectrum.

Chinese Kung Fu is an engine of bodily excellence. The fighting techniques are based on a physical superiority that is cultivated through exercises that transform the body and perfect its alignment. Kung Fu can be a doorway to the more health based, “internal” arts. At its core, Chinese Kung Fu is about human longevity.

The fighting arts of the Philippines are for surviving lethal encounters. The particular style we offer here is called Pekiti Tersia Kali. This is the art most frequently taught to members of the Military and Law Enforcement to defend against knife and other hand-weapon attacks. It’s intricate and beautiful in its way. It is also aggressive, disabling, and quite ugly (gulp). Unlike brawling, weapons training can make size and strength truly irrelevant in a conflict.  It requires maturity to study and is not a good choice for a first martial art.

If either of these arts can serve your goals, please inquire further.